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Multiple-use cases 
Proximity Detection

Sigfox Proximity Detection can fit many use cases,
 from luggage tracking in Airports to checkpoint tracking on production/delivery lines. 

Using Sigfox’ Proximity Detection service via the Bubble, you can detect the presence of assets that are nearby without any actual physical contact. 

This allows high reliability thanks to an automated process rather than manual, location data accuracy. You can equip your assets with compatible devices easily.

Key benefits of 
Proximity Detection

Bubble up!


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Install Bubbles on all the checkpoints that matter throughout an airport, from the counter check-in to baggage claim and everywhere in between. This information simplifies luggage management, recovers luggage that would have been lost and reassure passengers of luggage handling.

Luggage tracking in Airports

Just-in-time production leaves little room for errors, with 10% of returnable packages being lost and teams wasting time trying to retrieve packages across multiple sites. Thanks to the Bubble and Atlas Native, your teams can easily locate internal and external stocks in real-time.

Tracking Returnable Packages in Manufacturing/Logistic Chains

In the frantic hospital environment, important equipment such as infusion pumps, monitors, wheelchairs, beds or stretchers can often be misplaced. Swift recovery of lost items can make all the difference for a patient, and Bubbles are able to notify staff of the closest desired asset with ease.

Equipment tracking and inventory in Hospitals

Locating children in Amusement Parks

Each season, 500,000 children are separated from their parents in amusement parks. Parents can rent a small device designed to be attached to the child’s wrist & pair it with their mobile phone number. The park can then easily track and notify worried parents thanks to Bubbles. 

Locate your assets in your "Places of Interest"

Extend your knowledge of your assets right to your customers' facilities thanks to our network positioning technology, the Atlas Bubble.

On the Bubble application, you can associate your Bubble not only with a position but also with a name that relates to your operations eg: “CDG Airport Terminal 2A Gate A42”, making tracking easy.

05 Make sense of your data

Whenever you need it, you can set the detection range directly on the Bubble application. this gives you full flexibility, so as your business evolves, your Bubbles will with you.

04 Flexible detection range

You can install the Bubble wherever you like, on a stationary or moving asset. Whatever your business, Bubbles can follow!

03 On-site or in-transit

Simply update your existing Sigfox device’s firmware and you’ll detect any bubbles in range. This also adds features such as temperature monitoring and shock detection to your existing device's capabilities.

02 Plug & play

A Bubble couldn't be easier to install - simply screw, tape or strap it in place, and the device will be good to go for years to come thanks to its long-life battery. No disruption from installation or maintenance required.

01 Backwards compatible

06 Extended visibility

Business processes are becoming increasingly challenging as the number of checkpoints have multiplied and are for the most part manual. 

Tracking assets in different places and accessing accurate information on asset location and condition can increase efficiency, help optimise costs and maximize profits.

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